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Most drivers know that there are various services their vehicle will need over time, from oil changes to brake replacements. When do you schedule maintenance service, though? We’re here to help answer that question.

If you drive an SUV like the Acura RDX, your vehicle is able to monitor various systems and its own performance as you drive around Jenkintown, Abington, Lower Southampton Township, and Philadelphia, PA, to determine exactly when to get certain services done. Below, our Acura of Abington team explains how to stay aware of the performance of your RDX and what certain maintenance alerts mean.

Acura RDX Maintenance

What is Maintenance Minder™?

Maintenance Minder™ is Acura’s way of keeping you up to date on the condition of your RDX. It lets you know when to schedule certain services. On the multi-information display, for example, it will show you the current condition of your oil.

When the oil is changed, its oil life is shown at 100%. As time goes by, this number decreases. Once it hits 15%, you will get an alert to let you know it is almost time for an oil change. At five percent, it will then be time to schedule a service appointment.

In addition to having the oil changed, you may see various letters or numbers appear on the display. Below, we will go over what these various codes mean.

Maintenance Minder™ Codes

First, you will see either the letter A or B when Maintenance Minder™ sends an alert.

  • A: This means it is time to replace the engine oil.
  • B: If you see this letter, you will need to replace the engine oil as well as inspect a variety of parts and systems. This can include the brakes, suspension components, the exhaust system, and other fluid levels.

After one of these letters, you may also see a string of numbers. Depending on which numbers are displayed, you will need to schedule to have the following services done…

  • Rotate tires
  • Replace air cleaner element
  • Replace dust and pollen filter
  • Inspect drive belt
  • Replace transmission fluid and transfer fluid
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Replace valve clearance
  • Replace engine coolant

On top of that, the number six means you will need to replace the rear differential fluid. If you see the number seven as well, it is time to have the brake fluid replaced.

2022 Acura RDX Interior

The Importance of Routine Maintenance

The reason it is important to get these services done when the time comes is so that you can continue to enjoy the best performance possible while driving your Acura RDX. Having your vehicle regularly serviced not only helps ensure you are getting the best gas mileage possible, but it also helps keep your car safely performing the way it should.

Getting parts replaced and fluids changed before they become worn also helps prevent more severe damage, which would result in more complex repairs being needed. All in all, routine maintenance is what helps extend the life of your vehicle so that you can enjoy years of comfortable driving in your Acura!

Checks You Can Do Yourself

There are some aspects of your Acura RDX you can check yourself to ensure it is providing the best performance possible. For example, you can pop open the hood and see the condition of your engine oil right in your driveway or garage.

This is a check that is great to do once a month—that way, you will always know your oil is in good condition and that there is enough in the engine to help it safely and efficiently operate. When you check the engine oil, make sure its color still has an amber hue and that the oil reaches above the minimum safe level that is indicated on the dipstick.

Each month, you can also check the brake fluid and the pressure of your tires. When checking the brake fluid, you will see MIN and MAX marks on the side of the reserve tank. if it is below that MIN mark, you will want to have your brakes serviced and your RDX checked for a possible leak.

When you are checking the tires, make sure to fill them to the appropriate PSI, which you can find indicated on the driver-side doorjamb. Plus, check the tire tread and make sure there is still enough left to provide the traction you need while driving. If you notice that one tire is wearing out more quickly than the others, you may be due for a tire rotation.

Additionally, every six months, you will want to check the wiper blades. If you notice the rubber is starting to deteriorate, then you will want to have these replaced.

2022 Acura RDX Off Road

Cleaning Your Car

Beyond the maintenance its various mechanical systems, electrical parts, and other components will need, you will also want to get in the habit of cleaning your RDX regularly. You can clean the interior by vacuuming the cabin and can get harder-to-remove dirt by using a damp cloth.

The exterior is best washed regularly and possibly frequently if there is salt on the roads, or you park where excess dirt or pollen gets on your car. You can either wash your car yourself right in your driveway if you’d like or take it to an automated car wash on your way home to have it cleaned. If you have the Acura RDX PMC Edition model, though, it is recommended to not drive through a motorized cleaning device, since this could damage the paint and vehicle.

By doing all of this, you can ensure your car is not only performing at its best but also looking its best!

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