Acura MDX Dashboard Light Guide

Acura MDX Dashboard Light Guide

As you drive around Jenkintown, Abington, and Lower Southampton Township in your Acura MDX, your vehicle is constantly monitoring the performance of various systems to make sure everything is in great condition.

If it does notice something is off, it can then immediately alert you through dashboard lights. This is why our Acura of Abington team made this Acura MDX dashboard light guide for you. That way, you can know exactly what your vehicle is trying to let you know and what you should do in the event you see a warning light appear on the dashboard.

Various Warning Lights

Various Warning Lights
The following lights are indicators of a specific issue within your MDX. If you see any of these icons, it is advised to have your vehicle serviced by a professional as soon as possible. Here are what some of these common warning lights mean:

Brake System Indicator: When there is an issue detected within the braking system or the brake fluid level is low, the word BRAKE will appear on the dashboard.

Low Oil Pressure: If the engine oil pressure is low, a picture of an old oil can will be shown on the dashboard.

Malfunction Indicator Lamp: This icon looks like a car engine and comes on when a problem with the emissions control system is detected.

Charging System Indicator: If the battery is not charging, a picture of a car battery will be shown.

Power System Indicator: If there is an issue with this system, the words POWER SYSTEM will illuminate on the dashboard.

Temperature Indicator: This light looks like a thermometer emerged within a liquid. It signifies that the engine coolant has become too hot. If the temperature becomes too low, then the letter C will appear next to this icon.

When You See a Warning Light on Your Dashboard

When You See a Warning Light on Your Dashboard

You are driving around and suddenly one of these warning messages has appeared on the dashboard of your MDX. What do you do now? The best plan of action is to bring your Acura to our service center.That way, our professional technicians can get a look at your MDX to see what caused the light to turn on. They have advanced tools that will let them get an accurate reading on various systems and can quickly inspect your vehicle with their trained eye. This will let them get right down to the root cause of why the dashboard light turned on in the first place.

We then will explain to you what the issue is and how we will go about fixing it for you. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing your car is being worked on by expertly trained technicians that have worked countless hours on Acura models. Along with that, any broken or worn parts that need to be replaced will be swapped out for the same genuine Acura parts your car was originally built with. With the help of our service team, we will get your Acura MDX back to performing at its best and in great shape once again!

Schedule an Appointment to Have Your Acura Serviced

Schedule an Appointment to Have Your Acura Serviced Notice a warning light has appeared on your dashboard while running errands around Jenkintown, Abington, and Lower Southampton Township? Schedule an appointment with us at Acura of Abington to get your Acura MDX serviced as soon as possible. Our team can help get your MDX back to safely operating the way it should.

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